Monday , 21 August 2017
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SpaceX Launches Space Station Docking Port for NASA

SpaceX Launches Space Station Docking Port for NASA

SpaceX launched a critical space station docking port for astronauts , along with a DNA decoder for high-flying genetic research. As an extra treat, the company brought its leftover first-stage booster back to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for a vertical landing only the second such land landing for an orbital mission and the ultimate in recycling. Twin sonic booms ... Read More »

Lighting Up Lives with Current Waves

All set to light up lives of people living in island

By tapping marine current energy, a team of scientists from the Chennai-based National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), is attempting to light up the lives of people living in remote islands of India. After successfully generating of electricity from its wave turbine deployed at near Rutland Island in Andaman, the scientists from the Energy and Fresh Water group of the ... Read More »

Fake Pokémon Go Apps Infiltrate Google Play Store

fake pokemon go app

A malicious gaming app called Pokemon Go Ultimate, the first “lockscreen” app has made its way onto the Google Play store, said software security company ESET. The app when downloaded and run is not installed as Pokemon Go but as “PI Network”, a report published in the Fortune said. Anyone who ran that app would find their phone completely frozen, ... Read More »

Fearsome Argentine Dinosaur Had Puny Arms

Meat eating argentena dinosaur

A newly discovered meat-eating dinosaur that prowled Argentina 90 million years ago would have had a hard time using strong-arm tactics against its prey. That’s because the beast, though a fearsome hunter, possessed a pitifully puny pair of arms. Scientists said they have unearthed fossils in northern Patagonia of a two-legged, up to 26-foot-long predator called Gualicho shinyae with arms ... Read More »

A First Look At A Forming World

a view into water snow line

Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/Sub millimeter Array (ALMA) have got a view of the water-snow line around a star, which they call V 883 Ori, located in the Orion Nebula Cluster. This is a discovery that can inform research on the formation of planets around a protostar – a star in the making. The snow line or frost line ... Read More »

Google To Train 2 Million Developers On Android

Google Android Developer Certification

Google launched a program to train two million developers in India on Android, its mobile operating system, in the next three-year period. This is aimed at enabling them to make innovative mobile applications on the platform. India is expected to have the largest developer population of 4 million by 2018, overtaking the U.S., but only a quarter are building for ... Read More »

A planet with three suns

three stars

For the first time ever, a team led by the University of Arizona astronomers has reported sighted a planet orbiting a triple star system in a study published online in Science. “We found the planet using sophisticated imaging equipment on the Very Large Telescope in Chile. This allows us to correct for the image distortion (twinkle), introduced by the Earth’s ... Read More »

Facebook To Test Offline Videos

illustration, Facebook, internet, social network, screen Photo/Martin Sterba (CTK via AP Images)

Stepping up its game against YouTube, Facebook has announced that it will start testing offline videos in India starting from July 11. The feature will be first made available to only a “small group of people”. Facebook revealed its plans in an email sent to select media partners in India. So it is expected the small group of people will ... Read More »

A Look At NASA’s Jupiter Mission By Numbers


Since launching in 2011, NASA’s Juno spacecraft has been cruising toward the biggest planet in the solar system. On Monday, Juno is scheduled to perform a nail-biting move designed to enter orbit around Jupiter to explore its cloud-covered atmosphere and interior makeup. 2.8 billion Kilometres That’s the total distance travelled from launch to arrival. Juno’s journey wasn’t a straight shot. ... Read More »

A Plant That Makes Cameo Appearance When Rain Subsides

cameo appearance

Plant taxonomists have found a new species of mycoheterotrophic plant in the Idukki forests of Kerala. The plant species makes a cameo appearance after the heavy spell of monsoon showers. The species has been named as Thismia sahyadrica and is the first report from the mainland of India, according to scientists. A mycoheterotrophic plant is the one that depends on ... Read More »