Friday , 28 July 2017
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A Film Explaining Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by A High School Student Won $250,000.


Ryan Chester ,Ohio high school senior became the inaugural winner of a new college scholarship on Sunday night, winning $250,000 for his 7-minute film that uses simple props and hand-drawn graphics to explain Einstein’s special theory of relativity. Besides winning that money for himself, Chester also won $100,000 for a new science lab at his school in the Cleveland suburbs, ... Read More »

Ice Age tools found on Islay thanks to herd of pigs


The team discovered a set of 12,000-year-old Ice Age stone tools while excavating Rubha Port an t-Seilich, on Islay in the Inner Hebrides.The tools included scrapers used for cleaning skins and sharp points for hunting big game such as reindeer. The excavation had been started after pigs foraging along the Islay coastline uprooted Mesolithic objects in 2009.Archaeologists from the University ... Read More »

New app lets you ‘unsend’ your text

app ftr

A new app allows you to ‘unsend’ a text by deleting the message from the receiver’s smartphone. Everyone has suffered from ‘text regret’ wishing they could unsend a text message  at least once, the app developers said. The app, RakEM, eliminates ‘text regret’ by allowing users to delete the unwanted sent message, removing it from both devices.The app also claims ... Read More »

Mystery dust cloud and aurora spotted on Mars


  NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft has observed mysterious high-altitude dust cloud and aurora that reaches deep into the Martian atmosphere.The presence of the dust at orbital altitudes from 150 km to 300 km above the surface was not predicted earlier.Although the source and composition of the dust are unknown, there is no hazard to MAVEN and ... Read More »

13-year-old Indian origin boy developed new version of Braille printer

Shubham Banerjee

In Silicon Valley, it’s never too early to become an entrepreneur. Just ask 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee. The California eighth-grader has launched a company to develop low-cost machines to print Braille, the tactile writing system for the visually impaired. Tech giant Intel Corp. recently invested in his startup, Braigo Labs. Shubham built a Braille printer with a Lego robotics kit as ... Read More »

Indian Boy Invented Email when he was just 14 years old


Email turned 32. VA Shiva Ayyadurai an Indian-American scientist invented Email when he was just 14. Ayyadurai was born to a Tamil Family in Bombay. At the age of seven, he left with his family to live in the US. In 1978, aged 14, he developed a full-scale emulation of the interoffice mail system which he called “E-mail”. It replicated ... Read More »

IITian accepts Infosys’ 6 crore job offer, Infy in utter shock


In the spectacular development of India’s IT service ,”Infosys” has go beyond the likes of Facebook by making 6 crore RS annual pay package offer to an IIT-Kharagpur Computer Science student, Rakesh Kapur, during campus recruitment. However, the idea was apparently a marketing gimmick gone wrong – the Infy HR team was confident that all IITians would reject the offer ... Read More »