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Did WHO’s TB Care Advice Cause More MDR-TB Cases?

tb tablet

Cost factor was the main consideration for the WHO to not recommend the available standard of care used successfully to treat MDR-TB cases in rich countries. The paper, by Thomas Nicholson from the Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University, Durham and others, accuses the WHO of practising double standards for TB care in low- and middle-income countries by virtue ... Read More »

The Various Forms of Body Abuse


The human body has evolved over time to become what it is today, a complicated ecosystem, a complex web of smaller sub-systems, each geared to perform specific functions, individually and as a whole. Most of this complex working happens without our cognition. We go about life and living unaware of this balance and power, till it gets disrupted. For many, ... Read More »

Clampdown on the Cancer E-Stick

E Cigarette Market

The wriggle room for electronic or e-cigarettes, which have been marketed as a healthier alternative to the cancer stick, is shrinking rapidly as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week made sweeping new rules that, for the first time, regulate the popular product. In a 499-page regulatory road map, the FDA banned the sale of e-cigarettes to ... Read More »

3 ways Indian parents are ruining their children’s lives

Boy Between Fighting Parents --- Image by © Ken Seet/Corbis

I’ve often seen many Indian parents discouraging their children from following their dreams. I feel almost all Indian parents have some unfulfilled desire which they want to realise through their kids.Often parents want them to study in the best educational institutes, find a high profile job and eventually get married; basically do exactly what they did. 1. Unreal expectations: Today, ... Read More »

5 benefits of eating the nutrient-rich strawberry


1. Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C: Strawberries contain more than 100 per cent of our daily recommended intake of vitamin C, in just one cup. Vitamin C is also known to boost immunity. 2. Great source of fibre: Strawberries are high in fibre and help in bowel movements, which can further help to improve digestion, especially for ... Read More »

Switching Off Email Updates May Reduce Stress: Study


LONDON: The key to happiness may be switching off email notifications on your smartphone, say researchers who found that people who automatically receive emails on their devices report high levels of ’email pressure’. Since the creation of emails in the 1970s, its growth has been unprecedented, facilitating quick and easy communication between people across borders and time zones, for both ... Read More »

5 health benefits of the humble fruit amla


This humble fruit, also known as the Indian gooseberry, is one of the most important foods in Ayurvedic medicine and is a storehouse of good health. It has almost twice the antioxidant power of acai berry and about 17 times that of the pomegranate. Use this inexpensive wonder fruit to stay well this winter. Here are some of amla’s health ... Read More »

Owing a dog may help your children avoid asthma


Exposure to a dog in the first year of life was linked to a 13% lower risk of asthma in later childhood among the 650,000 children the authors tracked.The findings, in JAMA Pediatrics, support the idea that pets can bolster the immune system and prevent allergy.More evidence is still needed – past studies have found conflicting results.Certainly, for a child ... Read More »

Vitamin C intake cuts early death risk

vitamin 2

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables packed with vitamin C will substantially cut the risk of heart attacks and early death, says a study. Researchers examined 100,000 Danish people’s intake of fruit and vegetables as well as their DNA. “We can see that those with the highest intake of fruit and vegetables have a 15 per cent lower risk ... Read More »

A mother’s pre-conception lifestyle affects obesity risk of kids

mthr ftr

The findings of a research reveal that a mother’s lifestyle and diet even before conception can affect the chance of her kids becoming obese later in life. “Our findings suggest that interventions to prevent obesity need to start earlier, even before conception, and that having a healthy body weight and not smoking at this time could be key,” said lead ... Read More »