Friday , 28 July 2017
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SpaceX Launches Space Station Docking Port for NASA

SpaceX Launches Space Station Docking Port for NASA

SpaceX launched a critical space station docking port for astronauts , along with a DNA decoder for high-flying genetic research. As an extra treat, the company brought its leftover first-stage booster back to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station for a vertical landing only the second such land landing for an orbital mission and the ultimate in recycling. Twin sonic booms ... Read More »

A First Look At A Forming World

a view into water snow line

Astronomers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/Sub millimeter Array (ALMA) have got a view of the water-snow line around a star, which they call V 883 Ori, located in the Orion Nebula Cluster. This is a discovery that can inform research on the formation of planets around a protostar – a star in the making. The snow line or frost line ... Read More »

Facebook To Test Offline Videos

illustration, Facebook, internet, social network, screen Photo/Martin Sterba (CTK via AP Images)

Stepping up its game against YouTube, Facebook has announced that it will start testing offline videos in India starting from July 11. The feature will be first made available to only a “small group of people”. Facebook revealed its plans in an email sent to select media partners in India. So it is expected the small group of people will ... Read More »

A Look At NASA’s Jupiter Mission By Numbers


Since launching in 2011, NASA’s Juno spacecraft has been cruising toward the biggest planet in the solar system. On Monday, Juno is scheduled to perform a nail-biting move designed to enter orbit around Jupiter to explore its cloud-covered atmosphere and interior makeup. 2.8 billion Kilometres That’s the total distance travelled from launch to arrival. Juno’s journey wasn’t a straight shot. ... Read More »

Gravitational Waves Can Explain How Black Holes Are Born

black holes

Gravitational waves or ripples in space-time captured by space detectors could soon be used to discover when and how some of the universe’s largest black holes were born, scientists have said Led by researchers at the Durham University scientists in the UK ran the huge cosmological simulations that can be used to predict the rate at which gravitational waves caused ... Read More »

Not all is bright and shining with LED light: Study

harmfull led light

Excessive blue light emitted by light emitting diodes (LED) can adversely impact human health, according to a report recently released by the American Medical Association (AMA) Council on Science and Public Health. The report looked at LED street lighting on U.S. roadways. While LED lighting has several advantages, the excessive blue light it emits can be harmful. The human eye ... Read More »

Explore space on your smartphone with NASA’s Apple TV app

NASA Tv app

The U.S. space agency has released its popular NASA app for a new platform — the fourth-generation Apple TV — that will provide you access to NASA TV on your TV as well live views from the International Space Station (ISS). This version joins the app’s other versions available for iOS in iPhone and iPad versions, Android and Fire OS. ... Read More »

Official Facebook App Arrives On Windows 10

facebook for windows 10

Technology giant Microsoft has finally got the long awaited official Facebook app for Windows that would be available for Windows 10-powered personal computers and smartphones. “Facebook is now turning its attention to the Windows 10 platform, as it released a beta version of its Windows 10 application into the Windows Store,” reported. The new Facebook app, now in beta, ... Read More »

Unique, Ancient Space Rock May Have Diversified Life On Earth

space rock

Scientists have discovered a type of an ancient space rock never before found on Earth, in Sweden, and said that a shower of such meteorites may have led to the evolution of more diverse and complex life forms on our planet. “In our entire civilisation, we have collected over 50,000 meteorites, and no one has seen anything like this one ... Read More »

Desktops, laptops still popular mode of accessing Internet: survey

internet usage survey results

Even as smartphone sales grow at a double-digit pace in the country, desktops and laptops still remain the most popular mode of accessing Internet by teenagers, a survey by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) showed. According to TCS GenZ Survey, desktops, home PCs and laptops are the most popular mode of accessing the Internet (44 per cent), closely followed by smartphones ... Read More »