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Fearsome Argentine Dinosaur Had Puny Arms

A newly discovered meat-eating dinosaur that prowled Argentina 90 million years ago would have had a hard time using strong-arm tactics against its prey. That’s because the beast, though a fearsome hunter, possessed a pitifully puny pair of arms.

Scientists said they have unearthed fossils in northern Patagonia of a two-legged, up to 26-foot-long predator called Gualicho shinyae with arms only about 2 feet long, akin to a human child’s.

The fossils of Gualicho, named after an evil spirit feared by Patagonia’s indigenous Tehuelche people, were discovered in Argentina’s Rio Negro Province.

Gualicho and other carnivorous dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex are part of a group called theropods that included Earth’s largest-ever land predators.

Gualicho had feeble forelimbs and only two fingers, just like T. rex, which lived in North America almost 25 million years later.

Many big Cretaceous meat-eaters had evolved immense skulls studded with formidable teeth, relying on these for hunting, rather than arms.

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