HDFC Bank’s new MobileBanking app is still down for most users

HDFC Bank App Down: HDFC Bank's MobileBanking App has not been working for nearly five days. The HDFC Bank app has been pulled from both the App Store and Google Play Store

HDFC Bank, India’s biggest private bank, is facing a major issue with its mobile banking app, which continues to remain out of service for users for the last five days. HDFC recently launched a new Netbanking app, but it has been facing issues since November 28. Sources at HDFC Bank have indicated to us that the old version of the mobile banking app could be made available later today.

The app is still not working for most consumers for the fifth day running. HDFC has pulled the app from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The statement on November 28 had claimed that the app was experiencing heavy traffic issues and because of this, some customers were unable to log in. ‘We are aware of this issue and our teams are working around the clock to resolve it,” is what the company had said on November 28.

HDFC Bank’s Care handle had then shared another statement on November 29, about issues with the app and said they were working to resolve the problem. The statement reads, “We are extremely distressed by the inconvenience several of you have been facing while logging in to our new mobile banking app. While we’re working to resolve it on priority, those customers still using the earlier version can continue to do so, whereas those who have moved to the new version and deleted the old one will not be able to use MobileBanking till further notice.”

Based on the statement, there appears to be no way of resolving this if you upgraded to the new HDFC MobileBanking app. Those on the old version of the app should be able to log in. The statement from HDFC Bank further adds that users can still use NetBanking, PayZapp, PhoneBanking and Missed-Call Banking for accessing regular banking services.

The statement ends saying, “It is taking longer than anticipated, but we are confident that we’ll be able to fix the issue at the earliest and you’ll be able to use the new app. Our sincerest apologies once again!

Based on the recent replies by the HDFCBank_Care account on Twitter, the company has still not resolved the issue. Users are still complaining that they are unable to log in. The responses from the team say HDFC Bank is “working round the clock to fix the issue.”

We have also reached out the HDFC Bank for a detailed statement on what is causing the delay with the app.

Currently those who have the new version of the mobile banking app will find they are unable to log in. On the iOS version of the app, we get the message, ‘Something went wrong’ after we enter the login information. However, the app shows the option of switching to the previous version. Clicking on that takes us to the App Store, which says the app is not available anymore.

Screenshots shared by users on Twitter show that the app also flashes the message, “Sorry we are experiencing heavy load. Please use NetBanking. Sorry for the inconvenience,” when they try to log in. Some users have complained that the app has not worked for the past one week.

For now, customers of the bank will have to rely on NetBanking service, until the app’s problems are resolved and it is relaunched on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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