HEY JUDE REVIEW – A Musical Feel Good Film

Jude (Nivin Pauly) is a 28-year-old man with uncommon capacities. It is just a whole lot later his family Dominic (Siddique) and mother (Neena Kurup), discover that he isn’t ordinary like other individuals. Dominic is lost in profiting in his business, Neena looks for help for their child just through her petitions to God. Jude’s more youthful sister rather appreciates the flexibility that she gets from Jude remaining the fundamental issue of the family. The film question is why Jude’s unique condition got away from the consideration of his relatives, teachers, companions, and others. The watchers who didn’t watch the film will think the film is a prosaism, however, it doesn’t care for that completely.

For Dominic and Neena, it comes as a stunning news when a phycologist says Jude isn’t like ‘typical individuals.’Wow that seems very strange, How might they overlook that they weren’t regarding Jude as a typical 28-year-old completely developed man in any case? He was extraordinary and fixated on specific errands, things and sea life. His identity obviously proposed he was a man with extraordinary necessities. It is troublesome for a moment to buy Shyamaprasad’s story that it never struck Jude’s parents to search out a specialist to help their child.

Jude’s life takes an unforeseen turn when his incredible something relative passes on in a mishap in Goa. Jude’s mom guarantees him to purchase an aquarium of his decision to persuade him to follow alongside them. It is in Goa, Jude moves toward becoming companions with Sebastian (Vijay Menon) and his girl Crystal (Trisha), who has been living in Dominic’s dead close relative’s compound.

The bond amongst Jude and Crystal veers from minimal charming minutes to darker internal battles – the arranging of these scenes is done naturally, without losing the daintiness in tone.The scene when Crystal discloses to Jude that he has decent eyes, for example, has the two were at the highest point of their diversion. The modest become flushed that spreads all over and the muddled articulation that Crystal wears can put a grin on the most critical of us.

The supporting cast – Siddique, Neena Kurup, Vijay Menon – is great. Vijay Menon as Dr. Sebastian, particularly, is a delight to watch. The fights between Siddique, who plays Jude’s money-loving father, and his child, are entertaining. Aju Varghese shows up in a solitary scene and figures out how to influence us to yell with laughter.The music created by Ouseppachan, Gopi Sunder, Rahul Raj and M Jayachandran apropos match the narrative.The cinematography is to such an extent that the strange districts of Goa combined with a vibe decent story give the message that life is the thing that you make of it, and that emerges in the film, every minute merits celebrating.

Hey Jude is a well made feel-good lovely musical film with some dose of humor. 


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