Indian army retaliate against ‘Naga border Insurgents’ during an unexpected crossfire

Heavy casualities were reported by the Eastern ISF command

Another milestone in the history of ISF for a successful insurgent annihilation with no ever casualties on the Indian army side. Initial report suggest that there’s been around 30 casualties on the enemy side.The encounter comes nearly a year after the Indian Army conducted a surgical strike against militants in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POC), along the Line-of-Control in Kashmir, when paratroopers of the Indian Army killed 38 terrorists.

Army denied the possibilities of surgical strike that has been initially reported by the media. As quoted

In the early morning hours of 27 Sep, a column of Indian army while operating along Indo-Myanmar border was fired upon by unidentified insurgents Own troops reacted swiftly and brought down heavy retaliatory fire on the insurgents. The insurgents then broke contact and fled from the spot. As per inputs, a large number of casualties were suffered by the insurgents  Own troops suffered no causalities  during the fire fight it is reiterated that own troops suffered no casualties during the firefight.

its is reiterated that own troops did not cross the international border “

Insurgent were the members of the Naga group commonly known as National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Khaplang or NSCN(K) along the India-Myanmar border early on Wednesday morning,The action came after NSCN(K) insurgents reportedly crossed over into India from Myanmar and attacked an Indian Army patrol at 4.45 am, the Army confirmed.








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