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The Jatayu statue tourism destination will soon become a major landmark in the state.

he statue of Jatayu on top of a rock in Kollam district is the world’s biggest bird statue.

The Jatayupara (Jatayu rock) tourism destination will soon become a major landmark in the state. The statue of Jatayu on top of a rock in Kollam district is the world’s biggest bird statue. It is a creation by film director and sculptor Rajiv Anchal.

Work on the statue has almost been completed. It is being built with concrete at a height of 250 ft. Meanwhile, an adventure and entertainment park is already functioning in the valley below the rock. When the statue is inaugurated in December, it will officially earn the title of the world’s biggest bird statue. Visitors can also find thrill in the most modern adventure park in south India.

Jatayu statue is a dream-come-true for Rajiv. The interior of the statue resembles a building with several floors. The walls of the space inside are the screens where a video show with 6D effects will be exhibited. The story will be the abduction of Sita. From the third floor, one can enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley through the holes which form the eyes of the Jatayu statue.

“The statue came to my imagination as if a scene from a film. It is a 250 ft high creation which spreads all over the top of the rock. The interior of the bird statue is separated into three floors, each having video shows with 6D effect,” says Rajiv.

The Jatayu statue portrays the bird lying on its back with left-wing chopped off and the right wing spread out. The claws are extended upwards. The design looks like a bird from outside and a film theatre from the inside. While traveling along Chadayamangalam, one can get a glimpse of the statue on top of the rock. Indian myths say the bird Jatayu, a character in the Ramayana, fell on this rock after its wings were chopped off by demon king Ravan.

Chadayamangalam is studded with several huge rocks, of which the tallest is considered to be the spot where Jatayu fell. There is a depression on top of the rock which is believed to have been formed when Jatayu scraped there with its beak. Another attraction of the spot is the impression of a foot, which devotees ascribe to Sri Rama.

The 6D shows at Jatayupara will start only by late December. Entry requires online booking on the official website of Jatayupara. Only 4,000 tickets will be available a day.

Jatayupara was once an abandoned forest area. However 10 years since the work on the statue began, it has become an adventure park. There are several attractions at the park including free climbing, paintball, rappelling, valley crossing and commando net. Paintball is a battle game in which participants form two groups and fire at each other with guns from two forts.

A day tour package is available. However, the entry is limited to 400 persons a day. Night-stay facility in tents is ideal to enjoy the breeze and pleasant weather. With the opening of the restaurant and a stage, night-time camps will be started at Jatayupara.

Fact file

• Chadayamangalam is in Kollam district on the MC road to Thiruvananthapuram

• The entrance to Jatayupara is about 500 m from Chadayamangalam town

• Entry to the interior of the statue will be allowed only after the official inauguration in December

• Tickets are available exclusively through online booking. Separate tickets need to be purchased for visiting the Jatayu park, adventure park, trekking and the resort

• Entry is limited to 400 persons at an adventure park, 4,000 at Jatayupara and 12 at Cave Resort

• For more information, contact 90725 88713 and visit


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