The film Kala Viplavam Pranayam enlightens a relatable story concerning college students in our state. Jayan (Anson Paul) is a village guy, beyond all doubt called Jaya by his companions, played by Vineeth Vishwam, Saiju Kurup, Biju Kuttan while his youth sweetheart turned lover Greeshma is played by Gayathri Suresh. The film is only one more exercise that tries to benefit from the comrade esteem of the ordinary citizens and the story here is brittle to the point that one won’t feel any kind of wow minutes.

The adolescents including the heroes are individuals from the socialist party. The film spins around Jayan and Greeshma. For Jayan, his aspirations in life were simply wedding Greeshma and owning a bullet.In any case, certain surprising occurrences happen in his life and the youth endeavors to rebel against the ordinary standards of society. As a decent companion and gathering man, Anson Paul sparkles in his part as Jayan. Be that as it may, nothing huge was there in his execution to influence us to feel anything extraordinary about the character.

Saiju Kurup and Vineeth Vishwam are there in supporting roles.Don’t know what Dharmajan was doing in the film. Quality performers like Santhosh Keezhattoor and Alencier Lopez were squandered in characters that don’t merit them. Indrans, Maala Parvathy, Niranjana and numerous others are there in the film, but one won’t even remember.Gayathri Suresh didn’t awe with her performances.The director Jithin Jithu has included components like sentiment, action, and dramatization in his debut film. In the interim, the numerous relatable examples in our grounds particularly student politics issues are managed in the film which makes it a campus film.

Jithin has attempted to pass on the Viplavam and Pranayam parts according to the title.But when one leaves the theatre lobby the inquiry waits in our brain, shouldn’t something be said about ‘Kala’ otherwise known as craftsmanship? Neither the pre nor the post-interval parts uncover much on ‘art ‘ aside from the drumming aptitudes paraded by hero Jayan.The film can be known as a one-time watch for the individuals who like campus political stories.

My Rating 2.5


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