KALY REVIEW – A Onetime Watch For Joju George

Kaly” which implies “timepass” in Malayalam, however by the subject it has some genuine episodes. The overture is the immature deeds like spiriting without end of garments and embellishments from shops by these adolescents in the quest for driving an extravagance life. At one phase, you would consider the plot like some other common story of urban young men. In any case, there is an approaching genuine subject.

The film rotates around the occurrence that happens inside the preface of a group of apartments. The youths, including Sameer Shajahan, played by Shebin Benson, Paul (Shalu Rahim) and Aneesh (Indy Pallassery) too include in it to make matters from terrible to most exceedingly bad. The uneasiness of Balan played by Shammy Thilakan and his companions to dispose of the mess fills in as the throbbing component in the film. A pack of young men from middle-class families is our principle characters. The five-part posse tries to carry on with the sumptuous life and to accomplish that they incidentally looted utilized shoes and garments. The movie Kaly is discussing one such burglary task where the entire plans turned out badly and the pack needed to experience some intense circumstances.

Debutant filmmaker Najeem Koya viably limits the lightness of the six-member pack – Abu, Bijoy, Shanu, Sameer Shajahan, Paul, and Aneesh – to diverge the procedures relevantly to be a thriller. The occasions in the extravagance villa compound bring Circle Inspector T. Thilakan (Joju George) to the scene and he is an enjoyment to observe from there on. Joju George is amazing in the character, which holds the film firmly to make it riveting. Be that as it may, I feel this isn’t Najeem’s extraordinary work when contrasted with his past scripted movies.

Sajith Purushan camera deserves a notable appreciation.Rahul raj’s Bgm is also lying close to the film. At any rate, Kaly is a one-time watch for Joju George’s magnificent fiery act, he is the sparing component.


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