KUNJU DAIVAM REVIEW – This Small God Is Divine

The film manages a young man named Joseph otherwise known as Ouseppachan who fears of math homework and trusts that God will spare him from every one of his issues, Ouseppachan is the ‘head’ of his little family without his dad, who works abroad. A God-dreading kid, who never misses a Mass, he consistently petitions God to make him taller, enable him to win the online game ‘Criminal Case’ and influence his math educator to tumble from his bicycle with the goal that he doesn’t need to go to class. The greater part of his petitions some way or another happen, much to his bliss.

When, he goes to God to give somebody a chance to kick the bucket with the goal that he could bunk school, yet it is his granddad, to whom he is very close, who passes away. Overwhelmed by sorrow and blame reasoning that it was his petitions that caused the demise, Ouseppachan chooses to vindicate himself by appealing to God for others. That is the point at which a wiped out girl, Katha Jeevan, comes into his life. The film weights on the topic that holiness is blamelessness itself.

Kunju Daivam isn’t caring for an incredibly crisp substance with true to life subtleties shockingly. It is more similar to a story. Yet, where it picks up edge is through its satiric dull silliness and a portion of the announcements it makes about the entrepreneur mindset of composed religion.The continuous self-acknowledgement of the little child is introduced conveniently on screen and with Adish Praveen making the character authentic, the film works for you in its entirety.The movie drags a bit towards the finish of the primary half, however, keeps up a sacredness all through the artistic portrayal.

Jeo Baby delivers a is a charmer kind of movie in his second attempt. The film altogether has a place with the sweet Adish, whose cute articulations and easy appeal leaves the viewers swooning. That the kid brought home a National Award for his execution in this film demonstrates he is an ability to keep an eye out for and if prepped appropriately, he would procure more shrubs.

Joju George had a concise appearance, he leaves a stamp with his clever jokes and fellow nearby charisma.He was a fine decision for that little part as he carries on like a veritable guy. Sidhartha Siva nailed it with the phrasing, characteristics and non-verbal communication of a priest. Reina Maria, Shyambhavi, Shoolapani are the other fundamental characters in this movie.The movie has no hard-hitting spot on dialogues, high octane actions scenes or lively melodies yet leaves you somewhat passionate and lost. If you need to go for a walk down adolescence and on the off chance that despite everything you put stock in supernatural occurrences, watch Kunju Daivam; Jeo Baby and Adish won’t frustrate you.

Because of director’s guidance and Adish’s fine lead execution as Ouseppachan, the movie never feels stilted or long-winded; rather, it emanates an irresistible appreciation for the boldness appeared by its performers.

My Rating 3.5 / 5


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