MOVIE PIRACY : Risk to the fate of movies increases

Movie halls over the nation today are looked with decreasing gathering of the audience and as a case with closure. Present day innovation (TV, Video, and Internet) achieved by changing the social pattern, unreasonable approaches with respect to entertainment taxes, and mounting costs appear to sap theaters of their last ounce of quality. Almost 1,000 silver screens have shut down across the country. Today, the fact of the matter is too stark for anybody to miss. The principle explanation behind this is theft of films and the gathering of individuals who observe just that sort of pirated prints.

Before getting into this issue I need to remember some memory and truly need to impart to you. When I was in Mumbai in 2011, Shahrukh Khan’s film Ra.one had released. As Usual, I watched the film first-day first show. But, when I turned out after the film, I found the pilfered Dvd’s of Ra.one is offering there for fifty rupees.Earlier, Abhishek Chaubey’s Udta Punjab and Indra Kumar’s Great Grand Masti were released even before their release, and with Kabali’s leak — notwithstanding the makers moving Madras High Cort and getting a between time order controlling 169 web access suppliers (ISPs) in the nation from giving access to unlawful sites — Bollywood appears to have achieved its tipping point.

National Award winning movie producer Madhur Bhandarkar feels the issue isn’t simply restricted to ensuring a film till release. “My worry isn’t just about before the release, my dispute is added that if a film is releasing on Friday, on Saturday on a side of the street, somebody is sending DVD for Rs 50. I truly need the central and the state government to have stringent laws against this which are gobbling up the income,” he says.

Web film theft has turned into a worldwide plague. As internet use has extended and there is presently significantly more space to download and share documents, pirates have been utilizing this to their advantage.Tamil Rockers is one among the well known pilfered sites in India. Indian Telecommunication division regularly hindered the site. Be that as it may, they come online soon with another Domain. Tamil film, as well as Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and Hollywood movies also released by Tamil rockers. The dynamic community is endeavoring to get the movies frequently after the movie release.The Tamil Nadu Producers Council and production houses Studio Green (Gnanavel Raja) and Vishal Film factory( Actor Vishal) were assembled together against this issues.

Not only does film piracy lose a considerable lot of cash, it has acquainted the criminal movement with the greatest part of present-day life: the Internet. Advancing technology has been good to the cinematic world on the surface, but what people think is a harmless activity is really hurting the film industry and tarnishing the art form that it is. Most film viewers trust that watching a pirated film on a smartphone has nothing to do with the film’s business.They don’t have lament about this sort of practices. These days heaps of viewers shoot the introduction scenes of main actors, suspense scenes etc and transfer them to various social network sites.The funny explanation they make subsequent to doing this is “We are Hardcore fans”.

Malayalam Film producer and on-screen actor Vijay Babu was against this sort of illicit uploads.He contended energetically to contradict this with the assistance of Cyber cell and even deactivated such a significant number of Facebook accounts. The answer for this unlawful action will be a unification of film industry people. Every one of the movie industry including lead artists, directors, and other creative individuals should come forward against this.Piracy here is not a result of illiteracy it’s because of haughtiness, individuals here don’t recognize what they are doing. Piracy means you are slaughtering an industry, simply the way you are not paying taxes and taking it far from our government. On the off chance that this proceeds with, producers will dread to invest cash in a film, people will begin losing jobs, and the business will blur away. Piracy ought to be incorporated into crime.


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