Friday , 28 July 2017
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Facebook Loses First Round in Suit over Storing Biometric Data

Facebook Loses First Round in Suit over Storing Biometric Data

Facebook Inc lost the first round in a court fight against some of its users who sued the social networking company, alleging it ‘unlawfully’ collected and stored users’ biometric data derived from their faces in photographs. The judge in a California federal court last week turned down Facebook’s motion seeking dismissal of the suit. Facebook filed the motion arguing that ... Read More »

The Various Forms of Body Abuse


The human body has evolved over time to become what it is today, a complicated ecosystem, a complex web of smaller sub-systems, each geared to perform specific functions, individually and as a whole. Most of this complex working happens without our cognition. We go about life and living unaware of this balance and power, till it gets disrupted. For many, ... Read More »

Clampdown on the Cancer E-Stick

E Cigarette Market

The wriggle room for electronic or e-cigarettes, which have been marketed as a healthier alternative to the cancer stick, is shrinking rapidly as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week made sweeping new rules that, for the first time, regulate the popular product. In a 499-page regulatory road map, the FDA banned the sale of e-cigarettes to ... Read More »

China Developing Soft-Power Infra along Silk Road


China is digging deep into its cultural roots to anchor a seamless revival of the ancient Silk Road, in tune with a growing domestic focus on tapping the achievements of its past.In Dunhuang, the oasis town along the ancient Silk Road in northwestern China, dozens, under the authority of the Dunhuang Academy, are patiently restoring the priceless artwork in Mogao ... Read More »

Mercury Makes a Rare Move Across the Sun


In a rare astronomical phenomenon that occurs only 13 times in a century, planet Mercury was seen as a dot on the solar disc from several parts of India .The transit of Mercury was visible from most parts of of Asia, Europe, Africa, Greenland, South America, North America, Arctic, North Atlantic Ocean and much of the Pacific Ocean area. To ... Read More »

The Immaculate Taj Mahal Has A Beauty Spot


The immaculate Taj Mahal isn’t perfect after all, researchers have reported in the latest edition of the peer-reviewed science journal Current Science.The key blemish lies in the iconic central dome long been considered the epitome of bilateral symmetry. By scanning several photographs, Dilip Ahuja and MB Rajani at the National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore, found the edges were off ... Read More »

From April 1, bigger warnings on cigarette packs


Come April 1, cigarette packs will warn more than they advertise. Despite the parliamentary committee batting for reduction in the size of pictorial warning (PW), sources in the Union Health Ministry have confirmed that the government will honour its commitment to display pictorial warnings on 85 per cent space of cigarette packets from April 1, 2016. An affidavit stating this ... Read More »

Tech fraternity wants iPhone compatibility with Aadhaar


Apple Inc recently named India as one of its most important growth areas for the next decade and is in early stages to bring its retail stores to the country. However, India’s tech community including start-up founders say that Apple should make the fingerprint reader in their iconic iPhone compatible with Aadhaar for biometric authentication, if it has to tap ... Read More »

‘Flying’ snake spotted in outskirts of Coimbatore


A rare three-foot long ‘flying’ snake have been spotted in a village on the outskirts of Coimbatore. Venkatesan, a farmer, noticed the snake ‘flying’ from tree-to-tree to catch a prey in his farm at Kalampalayam last Saturday.He sought the help of a snake catcher who, with his team, managed to catch the reptile after a three-hour operation. The snake was ... Read More »