4 MUSICS new song enlivened by ‘Gaana Gandharvan K.J Yesudas’ is winning hearts and minds

' 4 musics' new song titled 'Kandittum Kandittum' for the movie VILLAIN is spreading good vibe & Energizing the vox populi

The song titled as ‘Kandittum Kandittum’ directed by evergreen music directors of the label 4Musics is mesmerizing and spreading positive vibes across. Our Gaana Gandharvan Dr. KJ Yesudas sings this song

His divine voice combined with the rhythm of 4Musics label is charismatic. The song has made a significant impact among every age group.The heart touching and soulful song enlivened by the artistry of 4musics and the sound of the godly singer.

Singer: Dr. K J Yesudas
Music Directors: 4Musics

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