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The narrative of Aravindante Adhithikal encompasses around a man named Aravindan, who is the worker of one of the hotels arranged in Kollur, Mookabika. Aravindan, who was relinquished by his mom while he was a child, was raised by Madhavan, the hotel’s proprietor. The film takes us through Aravindan, Madhavan and a portion of the visitors who touch base at their lodge.Aravindan (Vineeth Sreenivasan) dependably has a grin all over and peddles individuals energetically in transport stops and taxi stands, searching for clients for the little cabin he keeps running with his non-permanent father Madhavan (Sreenivasan) at Mookambika.

Indeed, even as he seems, by all accounts, to be as cheerful as ever, he harbours a great deal of torment inside and is on an unending sit tight for somebody. Dissimilar to everybody at Mookambika, he doesn’t go for the divinity’s darshan. Varada (Nikhila Vimal), who takes the settlement in his hotel, turns into an impetus for some phenomenal changes throughout his life. Sreenivasan is fundamentally there just for the interest factor of seeing the father and son on the screen. Urvashi was stupendous in her part with satire getting conveyed easily. Aju Varghese and Bijukuttan contribute with a significant commitment to the humour. KPAC Lalitha, Sreejaya, Shanthi Krishna, Prem Kumar, Vijayaraghavan and a couple of additional in the cast did their part perfectly. A thumbs up for that actor who comes in every film as a gangster who had played the role of a rich businessman in this film, who always ask for discounts.

The plot is feeling driven. The viewers are fruitful, sincerely trapped at numerous crossroads, as the film demonstrates the torment of detachment. Tears can without much of a stretch stream down your cheeks on numerous occasions. The cinematography and foundation score likewise do equity to the film’s sensibility. Individuals grasp hardships all alone, various ways and Aravindan’s character is one that can be effortlessly sympathized with. The completion of leaves numerous inquiries in the watchers’ brains and one feels that no less than an endeavour to address them was made; the story would have been all the more persuading.

Aravindante Adhithikal is a decent film with a few provisos yet wins in engaging the film watchers.

My Rating 3.25/5


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