BHAAGAMATHIE REVIEW – Anuskha delivers a spine chiller

The trailers of Bhaagamathie made intrigue and furthermore sensation with her high pitch dialogue – this isn’t a dairy cattle cave for all to go back and forth at whatever point they need, Everything and everybody need to do fundamental maths here in this Bhaagamathie adda.The dialogue circulated around the web broadly and internationally and hotted up expectations in the cinematic world as it was released around the world.

Eswhwar Prasad (Jayaram) a genuine union pastor has an individual secretary Chanchal( Anushka) and some of his bureau associates were quick to settle him in some outrage and get his secretary Chanchal in a murder case. At the point when police take her for cross-examination to an old bungalow with a goal to question her, Chanchal changes into a trance lady as Bhaagamathie and places alarm in the police. What happens later is the suspense which drives the film all through.

Bhaagamathie first half is exceptionally normal. The film begins off extremely well yet soon winds up noticeably dull with the horror scenes in the fort.But Anushka performed very well in that scenes and she kept the balance of flawed parts.Anushka’s flashback scene is likewise extremely normal. BGM and sounds are the real features of the film. However, the interval blast of ‘Bhaagamathie’ section influences us to anticipate the second half. As second half advances, the story takes a U-divert and strays from ghastliness class to a normal political vengeance mind-Game.

Anushka had assumed such a part in Arundhati, to the point that made her an impressive power in the business. Be that as it may, her emotional execution as a wrathful soul in Bhaagamathie is by all accounts on an entirely another level. Anushka Shetty has during that time demonstrated her ability by picking differed roles. Be it Devasena of ‘Baahubali 2’ or Sweet in ‘Size Zero’, the characters she picks are constantly cherished by many. On the off chance that ‘Arundhati,’ ‘Vedam’ and ‘Rudrama Devi’ took her to another level, ‘Bhaagamathie’ will without a doubt give the star greater extension.

Jayaram and Asha Sharath catch the diverse shades of their parts quite well, however for on-screen characters of their gauge, this isn’t an extent by any methods. In fact, the movie feels equipped, and music composer Thaman, particularly, lifts the scenes with his appropriately blustering score.Cinematographer Madhie tries perfectly with his points and edge structures and is an important expansion of the specialized crew. The sound outline supplements the film’s screenplay on a positive note. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao’s edits need crispness.Ashok has certainly not had any desire to exhibit an undeniable horror movie, and his belief system is apparent. With a new treatment to the screenplay, the director could have scored huge, and Bhaagamathie would have had a more extensive effect.

Bhaagamathie is one of  Anushka’s Best Film in terms of performance Until Date. The primary half has some decent repulsiveness minutes with some great Sound design and a superb interval punch where Anushka performed well as Bhaagamathie.


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