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FIFA World Cup 2018: Wonderful attractions in Moscow and 6 stunning places in Russia

This year, the mega sports event is taking place in Russia, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations of the year.

Sports unites the whole world, and right now it is football that has gripped people all across the globe. Ever since the FIFA World Cup 2018 began from June 14, football maniacs have lost their calm. This year, the mega sports event is taking place in Russia, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations of the year. Most fans have left for the city to witness the electrifying energy of the stadium and cheer for their favourite teams.

But, what after the game is over? The beautiful country of Russia is home to various tourist destinations — right from the mesmerising valleys, mountains to skyscrapers and museums. Tough to plan your holiday? Fret not. If you can’t figure out where to head out first, here are six stunning places that you just can’t miss. Catch a glimpse of these beautiful places you can explore in Russia.


Moscow is culturally very rich with the renowned building St Basil’s Cathedral situated at the heart of the city. Its distinctive architecture is eye-catching.

Hermitage Museum

Saint Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum was founded in 1764. It is a massive museum with the collection of over three million items spanning the globe that has occupied a large complex of six heritage buildings, including the Winter Palace, which is the former residence of Russian emperors.

Valley of Geyser

The Valley of Geyser is situated on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East. It is a panorama with steamed holes making it the second largest geyser field in the world. It was discovered in 1941 by local scientist Tatyana Ustinova and it has become a popular tourist attraction in Russia.


Kaliningrad is the capital of the Russian province of the same name, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, along with the Baltic Coast. It was largely reconstructed after the Second World War. Traces of the German rule can be seen in the old structures, architecture and designs.

Kizhi Island

Kizhi Island is located in Northwestern Russia that borders Finland and the White Sea. It is best known for its open-air museum that has a collection of 120-foot high Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior, a structure popular for its 22 domes.

Baikal Lake

People who take the Trans-Siberian railway tour often halt at Baikal Lake. Far from the city, it is blessed with scenic beauty and natural surrounding. This lake is also considered as one of the cleanest lakes in the world.


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