ISL 2017 | High level traffic regulations in Cochin

ISL 2017 event City police implementing high level traffic regulations

Parking to be out of bounds along stadium road leading up to Banerjee Road

The city police have drawn up elaborative traffic regulations during Indian Super League (ISL) matches to be hosted by the city starting Friday.

The Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, which is the home of the Kerala Blasters side, will host matches till February.

Parking banned

On all these days, no heavy vehicles other than light motor vehicles and service buses will be allowed along the stretch between Edappally and High Court Junction on Banerjee Road after 2 p.m.

Parking will also be banned on both sides of the stretch.

Parking will be out of bounds along stadium road leading up to Banerjee Road, the road around the stadium and the one behind the stadium leading to Karanakkodam.

Use service roads

Bigger vehicles can be parked along the service roads on both sides of the Edappally-Vyttila highway, Seaport-Airport Road, and Container Terminal Road without obstructing traffic. Light vehicles coming from the Vypeen side shall be parked at St. Albert’s College ground except on November 17.

Passengers are encouraged to take metro trains and bus services to reach the venue from these parking areas.Only vehicles affixed with VIP stickers will be allowed along stadium road.

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