Naam Review – A Refreshed Story Of Friendship Yet Falls Short

Naam, dissimilar to most college flicks, weaves its story around companionship.

Naam, dissimilar to most college flicks, weaves its story around companionship. Truth be told, it wouldn’t be an embellishment at all to state the focal hero of the film is fellowship. The film rotates around a group of companions who share an awesome compatibility with each other. The initial segment of Naam advances through the minutes from their uproarious grounds life, fun, and friendship. Before long one of them is gone head to head with a sudden and startling affliction. Whatever is left of the group embarks to modify his life for him. How they make their main goal successful frames the essence of this energetic film which is a toast to genuine and caring companionship.

Joshy Thomas Pallickal, who has composed and directed Naam, marks his entrance to the filmdom with a real and drawing in film sans any genuine carelessness. Beyond any doubt Naam is imperfect. Be that as it may, with a wholehearted story which advances in an apparently sincere course, the writer has assembled this story of kinship in a way that one wouldn’t consider its deficiencies important. It is, partially, a help that Naam sets out to outline friendship in an altogether different light from how college friendship have been depicted in the greater part of the current releases.

The music of the film has completed a brilliant activity. The tunes by Sandeep Mohan generally fit into the stream of the story and is a treat to the ears. Sudheer Surendran’s and Karthick Nallamuthu’s edges are additionally similarly engaging while Anthony Nikil and Unnikrishnan Payoor Parameswaran have completed a great job at the altering table. To put it plainly, Naam is a watchable melodic comic drama performer which could have been exceptional with a more strong content.

Gayatri Suresh, Mareena Michael, and Aditi Ravi who star as the female leads of Naam has concocted exuberant and agile exhibitions while whatever is left of the on-screen characters who showed up in the number one spot parts including Sabhareesh Varma, Noby, Rahul Madhav, and Ajay Mathew convey fine exhibitions. Renji Panicker, Pradeep Kottayam, Ponnamma Babu, and Ullas Panthalam have additionally done their parts well and easily add to the cleverness part of the film. Tovino Thomas, Vineeth Sreenivasan, and Gautham Menon who shows up in cameos. The parts by Tony Luke and Saiju Kurup were my top choices, however, their characters vanished for no reason. The seniors played by a gathering of individuals were additionally fine.

The film is a pleasantly woven story about evident and consistently enduring friendship. There are snapshots of fun and conclusions that periodically works for Naam.

My Rating 3/5


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