Narendra Modi in China | Rahul Gandhi tells PM, ‘India wants you to talk about Doka La

“China talks about a new era and I am working for a new India. World peace is important and both India and China have to work for the same and make all possible contributions,” Modi said during delegation level talks in Hubei.

“The five positive elements of this relationship are thought, communication, support, commitment and shared vision. These can be the basis for world peace and stability,” he also said at the talks, according to News18.

Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping hold delegation level talks in Hubei, PM thanks Jinping for ‘grand welcome’

“I am thankful to Chinese President Xi Jinping for the grand welcome and the fruitful talks,” Narendra Modi said during delegation-level talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Hubei. “The people of India feel really proud that I’m the first prime minister of India, for whom, you (Chinese president) have come out of the capital twice to receive me,” he added about the welcome.

“We represent over 40 percent of the world population, so this is a meet between two major world players,” Modi said about the importance of the summit between the two leaders.

A good beginning is half the job done

Wuhan and its importance in the history of Chinese culture became the first topic of discussion as Xi sat down with Modi at the Wuhan museum in Hubei province. On XI’s indication that he had set the meeting in Wuhan since PM Modi had previously not visited the place, Modi pointed out that he had visited the Hubei province as part of a study tour during his tenure as Gujarat chief minister.
narendra modi china

“When I was the CM of Gujarat, I had the opportunity to visit this province. I had heard a lot about the Three Gorges Dam. The speed with which you constructed it and the scale inspired me. So I came on a study tour, spent a day at the dam: PM Modi to President Xi Jinping”, he told Xi, according to ANI.

These are opening remarks and it is obvious that the meaty part of the discussions will be held off camera. But at the same time, the exchange gives us an insight into the way these apparently non-structured talks would be structured. Xi clearly tried to play the attentive host, and Modi returned the compliment with interest. This is important because, beyond civility, the personal chemistry of leaders will set the course of informal talks. A good beginning is half the job done.


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