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Happy Navratri 2018 : The auspicious nine days of Navratri starts from October 10.

When it comes to the importance of Navratri, like every other Indian festival, the core message remains the same – the victory of good over evil – but the stories and the narratives differ.


* Navratri means 9 nights of devotion. Spirituality. Celebrations. Music. Dance. Garba. Stuti.
Hope the divine blessings of Maa always be with you.
Happy Navratri

* May this Navratri bring
happiness in your life
Hatred is far away.
And also the strife.
Happy Navratri.

* May this Navratri be as bright as ever
It’s time to celebrate sing and dance
May Maa bless you in every way
May you get your perfect chance
Happy Navratri.

* May the brightness of Navratri
Fill your days with cheer
May all your dreams come true
During Navratri and all through the year
Happy Navratri

* May Maa Durga empower you and your family
with her nine swaroopas of name, fame, health, wealth, happiness, humanity, education, bhakti, shakti.
Happy Navratri.

* Joy, health and a lot of charm
Success, status and no harm
These are my special wishes for you
May each day of Navratri bring something new
Happy Navratri.


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