Poomaram movie review highlights: A vibrant album of a college youth festival

Abrid Shine’s third film Poomaram, which elongates to 152 mins, hits theatres after being super delayed, riding on high expectations. At the intermission, the movie holds the audience’s attention well with a good amount of youth festival nostalgia and colourful moments on campus. That said, it’s not devoid of flaws either.

Artificiality in dialogue delivery, especially in the first few sequences of the movie, is quite evident. The makers deserve credit for attempting to tell the story through people who are professional artists, but one can’t blink away the absence of natural acting, in many frames.

Kalidas plays the character named Gauthaman, who is the college union chairman of Maharaja’s College. The new actress, who dons the role of At Teresa College’s chairperson has also done a good job.

The first half does not have many known faces.

How entertaining will the youth festival be? Yet to be discovered…

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