Premasoothram Review – A Love Guru Game

Jiju Asokan's lighthearted comedy Premasoothram is a sentimental story set in the pre-mobile time.

Prakashan, a young man, is enamoured with Ammukutty from the time can recollect. In any case, he doesn’t have the guts to declare his affection. He likewise has an adversary who seems to be somewhat unconventional and cruel. Ammukutti, however, doesn’t have any enthusiasm for any of these folks. What’s more, it is when Prakashan is love-lorn and tragic, he comes to think about a gifted womanizer otherwise known as a love guru knew by the name VKP. This puzzling man has just been in Prakashan town for one month and he has officially two (wedded) lady in adoration with him. Whatever remains of Premasoothram is about the adoration lessons Prakashan gains from VKP.

Jiju Asokan‘s lighthearted comedy Premasoothram is a sentimental story set in the pre-mobile time. The film stars Chemban Vinod Jose, Anumol, Balu Varghese and Lijomol Jose while they are upheld by a solid supporting cast which has artists including Indrans and Vishnu Govindan. Balu Varghese in his tidy shave get up as Prakashan, completes a great job. In any case, it is Chemban Vinod Jose who shows up in the part of VKP. Vishnu Govindan handles the part of the whimsical lowlife and Lijomol handles their parts fine while rest of the cast additionally conveys a decent execution. Actually, one fortress of Premasootham is its strong cast and some terrific exhibitions.

Jiju Ashokan, the director of Premasoothram, made his entrance to the movies with the comic drama thriller Urumbukal Urangarilla. His introduction film was a promising one with a great deal of freshness in the topic and making, his second film is an unnecessarily extended show that doesn’t offer anything new to the gathering of people other than the overdone travails of affection. But, the visuals and the music of the film is great. It reminds one of the past mobile phone eras.

The film is watchable due to the quality of a large group of capable entertainers drove by the flexible Chemban Vinod Jose, who can make even a dull film look intriguing by his unimportant nearness.

My Rating 2.75/5


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