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Ranjith Sankar is a movie director who tries to tell a socially pertinent point in the entirety of his flicks.

An Art emulates life. That it is so great to kick back and be conveyed to a different universe for two or three hours. The world we carry while watching a film can be overwhelming, or about the drivel of regular daily living, or portray the tragic stories of the minimized and mishandled segments of society. Ranjith Sankar is a movie director who tries to tell a socially pertinent point in the entirety of his flicks. In this article, Let’s take a gander at movies of Ranjith Sankar who is sitting tight for his most recent film Njan Marykutty that too have a woven a social message in the texture of narrating.

He began his film travel with a thriller film Passenger. The Film was provocative, simple as well as gripping. The film was the beginning of another wave in Malayalam. The second movie of any filmmaker is vital to measure whether he has resilience or not; particularly if his first film was well welcomed or a reverberating success in the cinematic world. But he didn’t disillusion anybody with his film Arjunan Saakshi. The film was additionally an experimental one. His third film Molly Aunty truly Rocks was with a healthy crew of Prithviraj and Revathy, which passes on a message about the positive parts of that culture and that presentation gives you the certainty to do things any other way and be more positive in your approach throughout everyday life. Ranjit also co-produced this film in his banner Dreams n Beyond.

His next flick Punyalan Agarbathis depended on a common man Joy Thakkolkaran imagines the idea of making agarbathis from elephant dung and the film finds the difficulties that anticipate him from the political and social side in his venture. Jayasurya began his own productions house with this film. Varsham was his next film highlighting Mammootty was irritatingly genuine and leaves the people in tears on a few times. Varsham is my most loved film of Ranjith Sankar till date. The motivating genuine story of Sudhi in Su..Su…Sudhi Vathmeekam instructs us to battle against our physical and mental restrictions. The film rouses numerous individuals who have a discouraged existence contemplating their weaknesses.

Pretham is Ranjith Sankar’s interpretation of horror comedy and is his third association with Jayasurya. The film awes with a flighty storyline with components of thrills, drama, horror and suspense. Ranjith Sankar’s next depended on a subject of stifled womanhood with Ramante Edanthottam. The film is a romantic family drama that features the complexities of the present relationships. Following the lead of one of his past film Punyalan Agarbhathies, Punyalan Private Limited is a political thriller with significant social issues. It brings up numerous issues that have been reliably asked by the brilliant and the reasoning normal man in Kerala.

Forthcoming Jayasurya movie Njan Marykutty is one of the much-anticipated films of the season. Ranjith Sanker film has Jayasurya in the part of a transsexual individual. Jayasurya‘s superb get-up for the eponymous part Marykutty has truly shocked everybody and the cinephiles are anticipating that Njan Marykutty should be his fourth hit in succession. Jayasurya’s brilliant makeover for the film has just snatched the eyeballs and everybody is holding up to see Markutty assume control over the screens. Ranjith Sankar has reported that the film hit screens on June 15. Jewel Mary, Joju George, and Suraj Venjaramoodu are also part of Njan Markutty’s cast.

We head out to the movies expecting three hours of entertainment, sentiment, action and comic drama. Furthermore, we leave theatres feeling somewhat fulfilled that three hours were well spent in an air-conditioned room with some fun. But, there are a few times we feel significantly more than that. We feel a sense of having witnessed something extraordinary, something that contacts a profound harmony. This is the thing that we feel subsequent to viewing Ranjith Sankar film. Some will fill you with enthusiastic unrest and some give your life a totally new bearing. Good luck Ranjith Sankar.


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